R3 - New review

R3 Review with new updated cable.

Well, it appears our initial release of the R3 met with some resistance to our Pro Grade Memory Cable, it just goes to prove that we are all very different, and while we liked and stand by the original memory cable we have taken on board the comments from users and removed the offending cable.

So, the samples are out and the reviews are starting to arrive, and the first is from twister6, a user from over at, who previously reviewed thew original R3 with memory cable

Hit up the link below and have a read and view the many photos, one of which neatly shows the R3 sat proud in the ear of twister6 - just note, if you wear these earphones people will stare at you, the're dynamic in their styling as well as their sound.

there is no doubt these are very unique in-ear headphones, both in the way how they look and driver configuration arrangement/design. You will definitely going to make a statement wearing these outside

Read full review here

Posted on 2014 Aug 18 by Brainwavz category: Review, R3