S5 - Reviews-a-Plenty - PART 2

Even more reviews of our new champs - once again we have collected all the latest ones in one place. So many reviews, so many opinions, so many (heated) debates - now there is no excuse, everything about the S5 has been discussed, dissected, argued and debated  - all the information you need is there to make a truly informed decision.

Dsnuts - (Head-Fi - 4 Stars)

" .. As I am listening to this combo now it sound utterly fantastic..  "

Full review here

shockdoc- (Head-Fi - 4.5 Stars)

Another great review from the guys over at HeadFi, this time from user shockdoc, who seems to like our newest earphones and has awarded them a 4.5 out of five stars

" .. Amazing sound from a single dynamic driver. Great isolation and comfort. Bass signature gives a "live" performance presentation. Lush vocals. "

Full review here

Duncan - (Head-Fi 3.5 Stars)

Duncan likes the S5, but not completely! - have a read of his review and see if you agree with their analysis.

" ..Pros: Great build, packaging, carry case, ear-tip selection, and lack of cable noise, a modest taste of high-end sound at a low cost.

Cons: Ear-tip changing (rolling) is quite fiddly with the silicon ear-tips, bass can sound boxy, can sound spitty at high volume, slightly lacking isolation

Full review here

suman134- (Head-Fi 4.5 Stars)

WOW!! - Another 4.5 stars review of the S5 - to say we have extremely large grins on our face is an understatement, but have a read yourself and see if you agree witht he review..

"Its a super solid phone , with a few small flaws , built is really nice , ability to take any eq is spectacular . Got an enjoyable sound sig , a really good package . nothing to hate and everything to love"

Full review here

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