S5 - Reviews-a-plenty

So many reviews so little time - there has been an explosion of reviews for the new S5, so we have collected all the latest in one, easy to read list - enjoy.

twister6 - (

Extensive review with a bunch of images to oggle at.

" .. I was very impressed with a build quality, accessories, and unique sound signature which stands out  "

Full review here

H20Fidelity- (Head-Fi)

Another great review from the guys over at HeadFi, this time from user H20Fidelity, who seems to like our newest earphones and has awarded them a four out of five stars

" ..I think what Brainwavs have done is stay moderately safe while showing people what a dynamic driver in 2014 can offer for just $99 "

Full review here

hans030390 - (Head-Fi)

Well, you may be wondering why we are posting to a review that does not sing the praises of the S5, simple really - its an opinion, the same as all the other reviews, put simply -  "you cant please all the people all of the time" - and this is what we have here, especially where earphones and sound are concerned - earphones and sound preferences will always create opinions, but one thing is for sure, the S5 have proved they have great sound, it's just a case of .. "is it the right sound for you", well that is why reviews are so important.

" ..Does not sound great "

Full review here

tomscy2000 - (Head-Fi)

Another great review for the S5 and nice to see that its from a relative newcomer to the Brainwavz family. Some great insights with some nice photographs make this a great read.

"Overall, the Brainwavz S5 is a rock-solid product. It's well-built and has good sound quality"

Full review here

Posted on 2014 Jul 31 by Brainwavz category: Review, S5