CNET review of the HM5 studio Monitor Phones

Another review of our ever popular headphones, the HN5, this time from one of the biggest names in tech journalism - CNET.

There is a written review as well as a video review of the headhones, that also includes a rather cheeky booming echo added when ever   mentions our brand name - now what could they mean by that ;)  - lol

The bottom line: The Brainwavz HM5s sound great, are very comfortable, and are able to compete with high-end headphones for a relatively affordable price. 

The review pretty m,uch hits the nail in regards as to what these phones are for, cant say we agree on the comments about the looks but each to their own.


Full article HERE

Product page HERE

Where to buy HERE

Posted on 2014 Feb 01 by Brainwavz category: Review, HM5