TrulyNet cast a critical eye over the R3

Came across an article from today where they are casting their gadget loving eyes .. and ears .. over our very own R3 earphones.

One thing that is becoming apparent in the reviews is the truly unique design of these dual driver earphones, and so it should do, as they are certainly very different to many and buck the trend of embedding the whole thing all the way into the ear. Its also becoming apparent that people change their minds once they get them on - finding the fit more than comfortable, certainly more than the first impressions.

The R3 truly are a departure in earphone design, but, as many find out once they use them, they are comfy and the sound soon wipes away any fears about fit.

Anyway, i digress, have a read of what the guys over at trulynet think.

Article HERE
Product Page HERE
Where to Buy HERE


Posted on 2014 Jan 21 by Brainwavz category: HM9, R3, News