M5 Earphone Review

It's not all about the new stuff, we love reviews no matter what they are, so here is a bang up-to-date review of the Brainwavz M5. These have been on our product list for a while now and, whhile not a funky looking, are known to sound better than they look - The M5 are well worth a look as they offer great bang-for-buck and come in two colors of standard black and striking copper.

"Over-all, this earphone, soundwise, is really bang for your buck. It does well in all categories, while keeping that clarity and detail there. It is warm and sweet, which can provide for longer listening sessions. It really shines in the bass and mids department, while keeping the highs good. Again, it’s solid across all areas for its price range, and I cannot stress that enough!"

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Posted on 2014 Jan 08 by Brainwavz category: Review, M5