Pro Alpha - New Review

With all the fuss and attention currently on our new products (S1, HM9, Delta and R3) its great to find a a review for one of our older models.

Brainwavz enthusiast louisnomad decided to grab a pair of the Pro Alpha from an online store that was happpened  to be running a promotion that, it seems, was too good to miss. Now, Louis had actually owned and given away his previous pair. Well, we are lucky that louisnomads' eye for a bargain led him back to the Pro Alpha because now he has realised what a HUGE mistake he made in giving away his first pair :)

You can read louisnomads story on the links below and find out what he thought when he finally took time to appreciate these underated earphones.

"To me, the Pro Alpha is a keeper! My number one IEM since I got them again!"

Read full story - HERE

Pro Alpha Product Details - HERE

Where to buy - HERE


Posted on 2013 Nov 11 by Brainwavz category: Review, Pro Alpha