R3 - Extensive review

Another review for our new, top line earphones, the r3.

This review is quite extensive, has some great detail, great images and is a great all round balanced assessment of these stylish and different in ear monitors

Many thanks to bowei006 from for taking time to give such and in depth and thorough review.

Here is the final conclusion: 

The R3 is a very genre driven IEM. It’s detail and focus on mids, highs with decent backup from the bass makes it work better with most forms of old rock, classical, and some forms of Jazz along with other clear music. Rap, pop and most other heavy type of music saturated with harsh tones and snares in them don’t fit the R3 well at all. It has a level of clarity that you would expect from higher priced headphones, but the thing that does indeed separate these IEM’s from the upper level big boys would be the refinement and extreme fine tuning to get the vocals just right in that they are thus realistic but also smooth for music among other things. The R3’s represent clear sounding IEM’s that are musical enjoyment based units as its sound signature benefits listening and enjoying rather than using these in a studio environment and listening to what is ‘wrong’.

So thats the conclusion but there is a lot more to read, so see the links below and have a look, its well worth a moment of your time.

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