B2 - A Story of perseverance

Here at Brainwavz we know personal tastes are all different, what's good and right for one may not be so for another,  and we are glad to hear that " GeoD", a member of, decided to give his new B2 another go before returning them back to store.

GeoD didn't find the B2 sound and style totally to their taste, fair enough as this is what the industry is all about, finding your right sound, so, they decided the best thing was to return and try something else.

Well, in the meantime GeoD bought a nice little amp (a UHA-6S MKII) and, on the day of popping the B2 into the mail box, decided to give them one last shot and try them in the amp - well all we can say is thanks -  thanks for giving the B2 another try because GeoD found that this combination of player, amp and B2 is now, and I quote directly.....

"one of the best bang-for-the-buck audio investments I've made"

So if you ever read this GeoD thanks for investing in the B2 and persevering and we are proud to be part of your day to day audio heaven - sorry we cant fulfil your request of a $100 price tag -  but you never know.

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You can read the full story from GeoD on head-fi

Posted on 2013 Nov 01 by Brainwavz category: Review, B2