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I have had in my grubby little paws a pre release pair of the all new "budget" In Ear Headphones from mp4nation, and they are called Brainwavz Delta! I've had these for nearly two weeks now, and, with a few breaks in between, have put these low priced IEM's through some serious testing. I have over 100 hours on them, and I abused these any way I could think of just to see if they could put up with the daily rigors of life. These, I am proud to say, look none the worse for wear after this torture :)

The Delta's sound great, with a full open sound signature that caught me as off guard as it gets. I came into this all but expecting the usual at this price point: Boomy bass and not much else. Boy was I ever wrong! These have a very clear sound signature, with emphasis on the mids and high end, and a not too bad lower end. Dare I say that the Delta's are almost neutral sounding, with nice clarity and above average separation.....they can't possibly be as low priced as they are, they just can't be, not and sound as good as this! GREAT job Raz and company, you did good here.

Build quality is also a surprise, with a grippy rubberized cable thats a lot thicker than the norm at this price point, and it seems pretty darn sturdy to boot. There is stress relief in all the right places, a very strong all aluminum housing for the drivers, and it even has a set of Comply tips in addition to three different sets of hybrid(!) silicon tips...a very nice haul for the money. The only problem I found was the rubber cabling was prone to a pretty serious memory effect if left curled up for too long...but even that can be fixed by hanging them over a chair all straightened out overnight. Tangling was all but eliminated by using this material, though, so that's the trade off here. The color was also not quite color wheel perfect red, either, being more of a washed out tone instead of a dark rich one. Also, the cord could stand to be a bit longer if you plan on putting these down to pants pocket level for use. That's all I could come up with in the not so perfect department.

For the money(yes I'm saying this a lot here---they are amazing for this price!!), these are the best cheaper IEM's I've used yet in the Brainwavz lineup, and I've had them all. There's no way your beating these if all you have is twenty or so bucks in your pocket, period. Any questions, ask away and I'll answer to the best of my ability.

Testing was done exclusively with my Rockboxed Sansa Clip+ and no additional external amplification.

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Posted on 2013 Sep 05 by Brainwavz category: Review, Delta