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I just got in a set of Brainwavz HM9 Full Sized Headphones very early this morning :) I've been listening to them for over three hours straight, with no breaks in between, with several different type of music. I can state that these are, thankfully, nothing like Beats...a problem with lots of bass emphasized headphones. The signature definitely edges towards the bottom end, but in a good way, not an over powering way. There is a full soundstage at play here, with some really nice separation, and no muddiness at all.

The bass end is rich and full, with many layers to it, easily separating the Bass from a guitar from a Bass drum. The high end is also well represented, with a full range to it, but zero sibilance rearing it's ugly head. The mid range is the only thing I'm feeling could be better represented here, it's not missing, but it isn't as center stage as the rest of the signature. This isn't "V" shaped, not in the least, just not as strong as a, say, neutral set would have been. A little bit of EQ fiddling fixed this right up, though, so it really isn't a problem that cant be fixed. All told, this has a full, rich great sounding signature, one that would fit right in with those looking for a strong soundstage for many different types of music, especially modern pop.

I like the three sets of cables that came with the HM9's. The two main cables are flat wired and are of differing lengths, one shorter one for travel, and another much longer one for home use. They seem sturdy and plug into the left ear cup(this is a single wire solution, not a dual as the HM5's were, I like that, less clutter). Also included is a rounded shorter length mobile mic'd cable. I tested it with my new Nokia 521 Windows phone and it seemed to be recognized well, and a few phone calls revealed it to work great, with both good sound quality outgoing and incoming, nice. I could not answer a call, though, but I could terminate it. Always gonna be a compromise here with these mic'd solutions. I'll try it on my older Android phone later on and report back on its effectiveness. As for fit, the HM9's have big, fluffy, comfortable memory foam ear pads that sit ON the ear, with little clamping force...a good and a bad thing. Good for comfort, bad for staying put on your head with a lot of movement, so these wouldn't be my first choice in the gym, but they do clamp enough to stay put with normal activities like walking and sudden head movements. Build quality is the best here, with strong construction and really high end materials used, like aluminium and strong, but light, plastic. I also like the little touches, like a little bit of foam on the inside edge at the top of the cup to prevent it from getting damaged by the metal(see pic), nice. I like the overall design as well, with a modern look, it looks great :) The folding aspect is also a nice one, as I travel a lot and it makes the included case more compact for easy packing.

I used my Rockboxed Sansa Clip+ as well as my Nokia 521 Windows Phone for testing purposes.

Well, that's it for now, I shot some so-so cell phone shots this morning and will include them here...and yes, I will try and do a video review of these later on today time permitting, I just need someone here to tell me how to upload a video, I can't figure it out, thanks

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