HM5 + 3D Printer = THIS!!!

Second cup done and installed. Hows the sound? Wow! Its really good. Overall it keeps much of the HM5 sound signature but the sound is now more open, soundstage is a lot wider, which in turn has improved the separation between instruments and vocals. Bass is less, which is expected but it has not been reduced by what i was expecting. To my ears the sound has become a little more lively than when the closed back cups were on. The semi open cups really do make quite a difference. I've only been using the semi open HM5 for about an hour, i will continue to test and keep this updated. FYI i am using a FiiO X3 as my source.

Below are pictures of the semi-open cup being printed, the second cup is a different color from the first as we ran out of white material. The last picture is of a third cup that i am printing right now, i've made some changes to how its printed, if this method works then it might be feasible to print more of these cups faster and using less material.





Most of the material you see inside the cup is support material which will be removed when finished.


Freshly finished 3D print.


The emptied cup after all the support material has been removed.


Clean it up a little with a dremel.


The finished cup attached to a HM5.

The below picture is of the cup being printed upside down without support material, if this method works we would cut the printing time in half and reduce material consumption by 35%.

Posted on 2013 Jul 24 by Brainwavz category: New